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Flying Star Feng Shui
Welcome to the world's first Flying Star Feng Shui calculator! The calculator draws the flying stars and compass directions over your own home's layout. For centuries the Chinese have used the Lo Pan (shown in the background image of this web site) to calculate the flying stars. This calculation can now be done on the web.
Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of predicting and controlling the flow of chi in a home. Chi is the intrinsic life force that flows through and around animate and inanimate objects. Chinese acupuncture manipulates the flow of chi in your body. Feng Shui manipulates the flow of chi in in your home. The chi flowing in your home, through mechanisms not yet understood by science (though quantum physics is getting close), will enhance your happiness, health, and luck.

Calculator Quick Start:
Here is a description of controls on the next page:
Home Period: This is the year in which your home was built.
Facing Direction: Stand just outside your front door facing outward away from your house. With an accurate compass measure the degrees that your house is "facing" (i.e. east=90, south=180, west=270, north=360). Make sure that the compass is pointing exactly perpendicular to your front door. You may also try printing out an aerial view of your house with Google Maps then use a straight edge and protractor to measure the angle. Note in FS Feng Shui the 360 degrees are divided into 24 15-degree segments N1,N2...etc. Keep in mind that if your facing direction is near a boundary between the segments you will have to be extra careful in measuring. Take measurements at several locations.
Year, Month: These refer to a point in time that you want to analyze. They will always default to the current year and month.
Active Image: There are 5 images that you can use; square, wide, xwide, long and xlong. Choose an image that matches the outline of your roof when viewed from above, this will include attached garages and room extensions that may protrude out. Note that you may be including empty space from your yard if your house has a protrusion or irregular shape.
Calculate Button: This will render your home's outline with the Flying Stars drawn over the image. Print the page then sketch in your home's floorplan

Quick Analysis:
Your home has been divided into 9 sections, each section has 5 stars (numbers). Here is a typical section;
  • Mountain (upper left), does not change over time
  • Water (upper right), does not change over time
  • Base (middle) does not change over time
  • Yearly (lower right) changes every year
  • Monthly (lower left) changes every month
To get started, we will only focus on the Mountain and Water stars (upper left and right respectively). Your first goal is twofold; to "drain" the unlucky stars (the numbers 2 and 5) and to "activate" the luckiest star (number 8). At this point a little theory is in order...
The diagram above shows the "Cycle of the Elements". The Five elements are: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. The outside arrows show the "constructive" cycle in which each element nourishes the next element. For example wood nourishes fire or water nourishes wood (plants). At the same time the giving element is also "consumed", think fire consuming wood. Each element has number(s) associated with it. There is also the destructive cycle present (like metal destroying wood or water destroying fire). We choose not to use the destructive cycle here, it is more elegant to use the constructive cycle.

The image below shows a typical analysis. It is a period 7 home, facing 295 degrees, for the month/year Feb/2008. Simply follow these basic steps:
  • Activate the section of your home that has the lucky number 8 in the Mountain position with stillness and earth elements. Use a large boulder, a stone wall outside your home, quartz crystal, picture of a mountain.
  • Activate the section of your home that has the lucky number 8 in the Water position with movement and water elements. A water fountain inside or a swimming pool outside your home will work.
  • Drain the unlucky Earth Stars 2 and 5 in the Mountain and Water positions with metal, like a 6 hollow rod brass windchime.

Note that the Yearly and Monthly stars can also act as enhancers or drainers. In this case, the upper left and center sections are being enhanced by the visiting yearly and monthly stars means that 2008 will be a good year for this home. In the upper right section, the earth-2 is being amplified by the earth-5 yearly star. In this case a metal windchime will be used to control that section.

The Stars:
Here is a description of each of the stars and their meanings:
Star Element Description Good/Bad
1WaterSuccess, CareerGood
6MetalIndirect WealthGood
7MetalRobbery, ViolenceBad
9FireMultiplying Adjacent StarsGood
So to enhance or drain any of the stars, use the cycle of the elements to either enhance the good stars or to drain the bad stars with elements like wood(plants), earth(rocks and crystals), fire(lamps and candles), water(water fountain), metal(windchimes), etc.